+When things go wrong

We had really high winds last Friday that damaged a section of our backyard fence. I was discussing the damage with my daughter when she reminded me that things always seem to go wrong when her dad is away.  She reminded me of a few other incidents that happened while my husband was on away for business.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The raccoons

Though I can laugh about it now, it was not so funny at the time.  There was the time when a family of racoons decided to have babies in our attic.  My husband was away in Europe for meetings when I heard tiny feet running across the ceiling.  The first night I heard the sounds, I thought I my mind was playing tricks on me since I was alone in our bedroom.  The second time I called the kids to ask if they heard the sounds.  We all heard it… there was no denying something or someone was in the ceiling.  We decided to leave the decision making until the morning and went back to get some semblance of  sleep.  Steve returned in a couple days and we found out there was a mother raccoon with four of her babies living in the attic.  They were rescued and brought back to wild leaving us $800 poorer for the cost of rescuing the coons, disinfecting the attic to remove the scent so other raccoons would not visit and fixing the roof where they gained entry.

Abominable snowman

There was the giant snow storm in February when my husband left for his work winter retreat.  I had to figure out how to turn on the snow blower on my own on a cold and blustery night.  This was my own fault, I purposely did not want to learn how to use the snow blower.  When we bought the machine I vowed to never venture out in the cold to shovel ever again!  We traded in the tiny snow thrower and got a bigger blower, why would my services ever be needed again?  Little did I know that there would come a time when I would be on my own.  Queue the song “All by myself…. don’t wanna be all by myself”

A few other incidents happened in his absence such as household items breaking, our tenants needing repairs and our children had to be in two places at once.  This may sound like I am totally incapable of handling anything on my own.  Not true, I am an independent capable person who can mow the lawn, plant flowers, build a stone wall and change a tire if I have to.  But we are a team, we do things together and there is no fun tackling home projects on your own when you have a wonderful and willing partner to help you.

Take time to see the lighter  side when some things go wrong, I hope you have a spouse, friend or repair person to call for help.  When those mishaps or inconveniences happen in life we learn and grow from them; the experiences make us stronger.  Walk good.

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