Pictures that make you say hmmm


Like most people our cell phones have become more of a memory capturing device rather than a communicating device. I was going through the photos on my phone and found a few that made me wonder what was I taking? Other times the pictures made me wonder in amazement at the beauty of nature. I will share a few with you.

Angry Geese Notice


This was at the entrance to my building at work! Canada geese are all over the green space at work, in spring they lay eggs in the shrubs on the lawn. The mother birds and goslings roam around the pond area and occasionally near the walkways leading to the building. I suppose this sign was placed there to warn us – angry geese at large!



Some of us have had a Starbucks experience with a barista misspelling your name. I told the lovely lady at the counter my name was Las, I even spelled it for her “LAS”. She listened attentively then wrote my name on the cup and added a heart. I picked up my drink and saw my name was “Lax”. Wonder what she thought that was short for -laxative? I had a good chuckle and took a picture.

My Little Bunny


This little rabbit visited my backyard many times this spring. The baby rabbit was so small it was probably a couple weeks old when I took this shot. I love to see birds and squirrels chase around the yard but this little guy is very special!

Over the Rainbow

I captured this image on my way to the supermarket one afternoon. The camera did not do justice to the scenery. The rainbow just in front of the storm clouds was a sight to see. I took the picture and sat in my car for the few minutes until the lights changed and enjoyed the beauty of that rainbow.

The Majestic Horse


I took this picture on vacation in Cuba, we were on our way from Holguin to Santiago. Notice to the right there is a circular image with words. I was at a loss why all my pictures of this monument had that image… I totally forgot I took those pictures inside the bus and the image was the sticker indicating the emergency exit!

The Hibiscus


Last summer I chose yellow hibiscus for the planter in backyard. My daughter was captivated by the bright yellow blooms, she did a pencil drawing of the flower. She has no formal training in art, it’s a hobby she dabbles in sometimes. I loved the drawing so much I use it as a wallpaper on my phone.

These pictures are just a few that I have captured on my phone. I enjoyed making this post, I am sure there are more fascinating pictures lurking in my phone just waiting to be discovered. I hope you have some fun pictures that delight you when you look back on them. Walk good.

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