A right turn, an unexpected place



There is a wonderful ice cream shop by the lake that my husband and I visited a lot during the summer.  They sell the most amazing gelato in almost every flavour you can imagine.  This place was special because you can buy your ice cream and walk a few short meters to get to the boardwalk on the lakeshore in Bronte.  On a hot summer afternoon it is perfect as you can take a long walk to burn off some of those calories after eating ice cream.

We found it by chance while driving around exploring our new neighbourhood when we moved to Canada.  The winters are long and we had young children who needed to burn off energy after being cooped up for so long. They had fun running along the boardwalk, watching seagulls and a couple of swans that seem to return to that spot in the lake every year.  On many occasions we took family and friends visiting from Jamaica and the US to this spot.

It’s been a while since we visited the area and decided to go since the weather was great for an evening walk.   Before we left, my husband quietly said I don’t think I remember how to get there.. I laughed and said in the age of google maps and GPS we can surely find it!  He spent some time on google looking for an ice cream shop by the lake and found an address and off we went.

On the way I had the feeling we were not on the right road, but we happily followed the GPS taking all the turns it told us to take.  Finally the GPS said “destination ahead” , there was no lake and no ice cream shop!

We parked the car and decided this is an evening for adventure and discovery. There was a picturesque trail next to a marina with boats moored at the edge of the lake.  It was a warm spring day, perfect for strolling along the boardwalk.  We explored the town looking for an ice cream shop and noticed there were lots of people on patios, walking, jogging or just meeting friends.

Our walk took us to a restaurant with a patio overlooking the street.  We met our hostess who took us to a table on the patio and told us it was just there “reserved” for us.  It was a stroke of good luck to find a seat on a patio with no wait time.  The table was shaky and I suspected that was the reason it was unoccupied. The hostess was our server for the evening, she told us she visited Jamaica 22 times!  It was her favourite holiday destination.  We had a lovely dinner at Fired Up, great food and wonderful service.


The boardwalk was next, we strolled to the busy marina and was greeted by young ladies singing and playing music to entertain a small crowd.  We kept walking towards the boardwalk to get a view of the lake.  The lake was peaceful and calm in the the evening breeze, the seagulls swooped down to feed on fish and a speedboat made its way quickly across the water.  It was a adventurous evening  full of discovery and fun.

Despite not finding the ice cream shop we were happy to be out exploring the neighbourhood and finding new places.  We discovered a new trail where we plan to go riding on summer weekends.  It was an unexpected destination that turned into a beautiful evening, Port Credit is a lovely town to visit during spring and summer time.  Don’t be afraid to explore new places, you never know what could find.  Walk good.

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  1. Daliah says:

    This blog took me on a wonderful excursion with you.😊


    1. Enimsal says:

      Thanks Daliah, I had fun writing it as well, good to know you are reading my blogs! Appreciate the support.


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