My Weekend in Columbus Ohio

A bar on High Street

Do you like road trips? I like road trips, short ones not the ones where you drive forever to get to your destination, arrive tired spend a few days then turn around and do it all over again to get home. I like six or eight hour trips, long enough to enjoy the scenery, have a robust discussion with your car mates and arrive with enough energy to explore your destination.

Last week my husband asked me if I could take a day off work, I immediately said no. I really don’t like taking days off unless it’s planned in advance. A voice in my mind told me to think about this … a few minutes later I called him back to ask why do I need to take the day. He wanted to attend the Triple A conference in Columbus to meet with industry people about his hearing amplification start up business. If you know me I am never spontaneous, I need to plan everything with lots of notice. I threw caution to the wind and said yes!

This was really last minute…the hotel was booked on Wednesday and we left Thursday afternoon. It was a six hour drive from Mississauga Canada to Columbus Ohio. My husband and I enjoyed the drive discussing politics, family, kids and work. The discussion keeps us alert and we love this time together as work keeps us busy and there is always lots going on to talk about.

We arrived at 9:00 pm at night so there was not much to see, we checked in at the Hilton Columbus and decided to eat at the hotel bar. They served the most delicious chicken wings in Szechuan sauce, great for a late night snack as I was still on my carb fast for Lent. We were thankful to arrive safe despite the torrential rains we drove through for the last two hours of the journey.

Morning arrived too quickly, we had to get moving it was a work day. I was working from the hotel and Steve had a morning meeting at the conference. Fridays are my work from home days, this Friday was my work from hotel day! We had complimentary breakfast as my thoughtful husband booked us on the executive floor with access to the lounge. I could not ask for a better start to the weekend.

By 4;30 all work was done it was time to explore the city. But not before we head back to the lounge for Happy Hour drinks and snacks…lovely. We were fueled up to start the evening. My first stop was Target, we don’t have this store in Canada and I wanted to get this tiny bit of shopping out of the way. We spent time walking around Polaris Fashion Place, checking out Barnes and Noble where we picked up a great book and Cheesecake factory to pick out our dessert for the evening. For dinner we ate at Cantina Laredo a delightful Mexican restaurant. The mojitos and magaritas complemented the food and our server was friendly and polite.

We spent Saturday morning exploring the art district Short North. The forecast called for rain so we did not stay long. On our brief walk we visited a store filming an advertisement, browsed through a clothing store with eclectic art on the walls and walked the street looking at the murals in the sides of buildings. There was not much more to see in the rain so we decided to leave, grab some lunch and start the journey home. As weekends go this was a great one, spontaneous, fun and not overly expensive. I learned that that sometimes you need to live a little, enjoy a different experience and do something on the spur of the moment. That is what life is all about. Walk good.

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