My Place in My Space

Last month I could not find the inspiration to write, I had so many ideas of things to share but for what ever reason could not get it together to sit and commit my thoughts to paper or the computer. I find that my inspiration comes from being joyful and fully immersed in life. I love to write about travelling, my walks or things I remember from childhood. It felt like I was running out of ideas…

I decided to put an end to my writer’s block and write what was on my mind. My thoughts last month was on finding my place in my space. It was one of those months where nothing seem to be going right. I started another weight loss plan and it went well for a week and I railroaded myself with emotional eating and gained back two of the seven pounds I lost. My rhythm of going to the gym three times a week was not going well, I felt like I was not in control.

Don’t Quit

In my mind things were not going well, I was angry at myself for yet another failure. I was being unreasonably hard on myself for not following through with this life changing habit that is suppose to make me healthier and in the process lose weight. I was determined to not go down the rabbit hole of self defeat. I continued with the programme, I am doing better, not as disciplined as I want to be but I tell myself I did not gain all this weight in a month. Getting healthy will not happen in a month so I need to stick with it.

As I sit here writing I feel energized in knowing that I did not quit. I learn that finding my place in my space is not easy. Resilience is sticking to my plan and not quitting despite the difficulties. I look out my window and the sunlight is fading, the temperature is cooling but I am going out to take my thirty minute walk. My walk will clear my head, increase my heart rate and contribute to my well being. Friends if you are trying to achieve something that is really difficult don’t quit, find a support group, friends, family or an app to help to keep you on track. I am sharing my meal prep ideas with my family on What’s App, they are encouraging me to stick with my plan. I am truly grateful to God as he is my constant support as I go through this journey of becoming healthier. Whatever you set your mind to you can do it! Walk good.

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