How Much Complaining is too Much

I am one of those people who don’t like complaining, I find constant complaining gets you nowhere and in most cases does not find solutions to issues. The reason complaining came to mind was due to my recent bout of pneumonia. I knew something was off with my health, winter is here and with it comes so many colds, flus, aches and pains that generally go away after a few days. Though my symptoms came on pretty quickly I still thought I could beat it by taking my vitamins and taking care of myself – no need to bother anyone with my constant pains. This was not the right thing to do.

The reason my pneumonia got so bad that I ended up in emergency was because I felt the symptoms and did not want to complain to my family about my pain. I figured if you keep complaining about illness your loved ones get tired of hearing you say the same thing over and over and become immune to your never ending list of maladies. The thing I totally missed is that voicing your symptoms can save your life.

It took this illness to make me realize that there is a difference between complaining and voicing your concerns. When I was in the hospital the doctors had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with me. I did not have all the symptoms to conclusively determine my illness, they did so many tests that came back inconclusive. Yet, I was still in pain when I took a breath, for a moment I thought to go home because this must be all in my head. After two long days of persevering and telling my story over and over my diagnosis came back and I was given medication to help me get better.

I learned that I need to advocate for myself by using my words, not negative complaining with no solutions but with strong explanations that bring my points across. I learned that wanting better for yourself sometimes means you need to speak up and make your voice heard. So many movements started with many brave people taking a stand and making their voices heard. I am by no means likening myself to the great men and women who changed lives by their bold actions. I am making a decision to become more vocal in a good way, speaking up for myself and others who are not able to do so. I hope that if you are reading this and have similar feelings about not being heard or afraid of sounding like a complainer take some time to reflect on your words. If you are speaking up for the good of others and yourself – don’t stop! It won’t be easy for me to make this change but I a willing to give it a try so can you. Walk good.

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