A Bite of the Big Apple – New York

Around this time of year my vacation plans would be complete or close to complete when I procrastinate. This year is very different, we decided to forego a vacation and stay at home. There are way too many risks with travelling during the pandemic, we visited Jamaica in March so technically we already had a mini vacation already.

Summer is a wonderful time for me, everything about it brings me joy – hot weather, longer days, barbecues, shorts and slippers all bring out the best in me. Since I an not travelling this year I am using the memories of past vacations to keep me until it is ok to travel safely again. My last trip to New York was very special, it was unofficially our last family vacation as the kids are forging their own paths and time off for roads trips will not be so easy to plan. With only a week available at the end of August we decided to pencil New York City in our itinerary.

New York City is eight hours from Toronto, that distance is perfect for road trip. It is close enough to drive in one day and provides a wide array of things to do for every type of tourist. It was the last stop on our week long getaway to Atlantic City and Cape May.

Our first stop was Mid Town Manhattan, we took the bus from Hoboken where we planned to spend our last night before driving home. Fun fact Hoboken has reasonable hotel rates and it is an easy bus ride in to the City. We walked around Manhattan for a bit but we really wanted to visit the Metropolitan Museum. A couple subway rides later we were headed towards The Met, those famous steps did not disappoint. It was thrilling to walk the same steps as celebrities attending the Met Gala. There was so much to see an afternoon was not long enough. My favourite displays were the Egyptian artifacts and the fashion displays.

Central Park

Central Park was close to the museum, that was our next stop on our way to Times Square. The park provide a wonderful respite for our weary feet and we enjoyed a rare bit of greenery in the vast expanse of concrete that makes up the city. We did not stay long as we wanted to get to Times Square to grab an early dinner.

I am always amazed at how busy Times Square is, there is always something happening. We caught a jazz performance in the Square, so many tourists jostling about looking at the countless screens advertising goods and shows. We did not have any luck finding a reasonably priced restaurant so we ate fries from a food truck and enjoyed the sights and scenes before taking the last bus to Hoboken for a late supper at the hotel. We had so much fun and fond memories of New York last year it will remain with me for a long time. We will visit again when things return to normal. I hope every New Yorker stay safe and vigilant during this pandemic, the world is waiting to visit you again soon. Walk good.

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