Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping has taken off over the last two years. Primarily driven by the pandemic and the need to get groceries and not expose yourself in an enclosed setting for a long period of time. I was not on board with having someone shop for me, what if I get bruised fruits? How would I take them back? I have friends who tried it a few times and were pleasantly suprised that the experience was a good one.

They got exactly what they ordered and if a cell number was left on the account they texted to let them know a product was out of stock and asked if they wanted a substitute. I decided to give online shopping a try. A friend gave me a promo code to collect extra points on my first and second online orders, I had even more incentive to check out what online shopping was all about.

My supermarket – Real Canadian Superstore offer online grocery shopping with designated pick up times for a fee of $3.00. I already have a points card with the store, when I logged in to select my grocery all my frequently bought items were already stored on my profile. It was easy as clicking on the item, chose the amount and add to cart.

I chose a convenient pick up time for me and placed the order. My order was ready in a couple days, I recceived an email an hour before pick up to let me know by order was being freshly selected and was almost ready for pickup. You can choose the next day option for a fee of $5.00 if you dont want to wait an extra day.

I arrived at the store and parked in the designated grocery pick up parking spot and called to let them them know I was there. The attendant came, loaded the bags in the back of the car, handed me the receipt and closed the trunk. The whole pick up process took less than 20 minutes.

When I unpacked the items I was pleased with the selection, especially the fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes were firm and bananas were not bruised or battered. My only concern was with the number of plastic bags used to package the grocery. I left a comment in the survey sent to rate the experience, requesting less plastic bags or other options such as boxes or paper bags. I used the service a second time and I am convinced that this is a good option for busy families or anyone who does not like grocery shopping. Personally I will continue shopping online for croceries, it will not totally replace going to the supermarket to do my own shopping but I am happy I have an option for those times when I really don’t want to go to the grocery store! Walk good.

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