Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Catch of the Day at Why Not

In my last post I wrote about Hollywood beach as a relaxing and laid back place to spend a day or an afternoon. I visited in March, at this time of year the weather can be unpredictable, gusty winds and rain can make the beach too rough to swim. During your stay, you may need to find alternative entertainment to the beach, the boardwalk is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

The Hollywood boardwalk is approximately 2.5 miles long with shops and restaurants along the path. I found the brick paved walkway easy to navigate and wide enough to accomodate rollerbladers, bicycles and rented four wheelers. Take a leisurely stroll to see the many shops and restaurants that offer a variety of services. One of the most interesting thing is the clear view of the Atlantic ocean for the entire boardwalk.

There are 30 restaurants to choose from, I ate at Why Not Seafood, Pasta and Burgers which serves a variety of meals and is family friendly. I was most interested in the catch of the day. The fish is fried, served with two sides and is large enough to feed two persons. The meal was delicious, probably why the restaurant has such a high rating when we looked it up online. The service was friendly, the vibe relaxing and comfortable. Raul gave us a wonderful welcome and asked us to return anytime we visited. I recommend having lunch there if you are in the neighbourhood.

After that hearty lunch we strolled on the sand back to the other end of the beach. This was perfect for getting my steps in and working off some the calories I just ate! Despite the wind and intermittent rain I enjoyed the Hollywood boardwalk. Definitely a place I will visit again on my next holiday in Fort Lauderdale. Walk good.

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