Be True to Yourself

I have been struggling with writing lately, for some reason inspiration to conquer the keyboard is not there. I spent time wondering what to do… is it a case of writers block or lack of inspiration? I signed up for an online creative writing course hoping this will kick start the drive to write and somehow I still lack the impetus to write. Most of my ideas come when I walk. I have not been doing that lately and I realize that I need to be true to my self. I am most creative when you are authentic. I stopped walking when I got my indoor cycle machine last December. The winters are too cold to walk and I needed an option to keep up my fitness. I know I need to start walikng again to get those bursts of ideas. Don’t get me wrong, writers block is real and talking walks may not always fix it but hey, it’s a good place for me to start.

Writing for me need to feel real, my experiences guide what I write and how I write. I want to encourage you to be true to yourself, take some time to reflect and examine who you are. What does this really mean? That is a loaded question, full disclaimer I am no therapist but being true to yourself means being honest with who you are, doing what makes you happy and bring you joy. Being true means when you interact with others they get the real you, not some made up version of who you should be.

Today, I will start walking again, I missed seeing the trees bud and the gentle burst of Spring on my daily walks. There is so much energy and peace that comes from nature. I think that is the way God intended it to be. Nature is natural therapy. To be clear if you need help from a professional please do so, this post does not negate the value of therapy. I fully believe in getting help when you need it.

I will start working in my garden and become excited for planting season. The massive amount of weeds in my backyard will not stop me from enjoying a morning coffee under the gazebo. I will look beyond the weeds or the skunk who comes for breakfast in my backyard and be grateful for all that I have. There are new seedlings that I started indoors and transferred to the garden. I am looking forward to see how those plants turn out.

I will make plans to visits local attractions in my area, discover new places in Ontario and write about them in this blog. Those things allow me to be my true self, I am happy when I write about my experiences and sharing them with others. Take a moment to think about being true to yourself means, figure out what those things are and rediscover your authentic self. You may like to draw, paint, sing, build something or watch reruns of your favourite show. Life is too short to be anyone other than who you really are. Walk good.

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