A Really Great Day

What makes a really great day for you? Maybe you have not thought about what a great day looks like. I am not talking about your dream day, I am taking about a feel good day when you enjoy a few of your favourite things. Not a day at the spa or going on a vacation, dont get me wrong those are fantastic, however I mean everyday things that are great in their own way. Little things you do that make you say hmm… that’s really great. These things lift your mood and a smile comes to your face.

Here is what a great day looks like for me.


I love coffee, especially great tasting coffee. Just one cup a day is ok for me so it has to be great tasting. Nespresso is my go to machine for making barista style at home coffee at the touch of a button. My morning coffee is 1/4 cup oat milk steamed with one Nespresso Vertuo Bianco Forte capsule. This coffee is creamy and hits the spot everytime. If Blue Mountain coffee is available then that’s the dream but Nespresso will do for my daily coffee.


A few minutes in the morning is set aside to read a verse from the bible and listen to a speaker talk about the passage. This sets the stage for my day as I pray and meditate on the goodness of God.


I start my mornings with exercise, I am meticulous about what I do each day. Each week I write out my plan in advance. A typical winter week has stationary bike on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yoga and core fitness or HIIT on Tuesdays and Thurdays. Summer days are really for walking in the early morning with the birds providing the backgorund music. I do this for 15- 20 minutes usually at 6:00am. I am not a fitness buff and I am still overweight but excercise helps to reduce stress and good for heart health.

A Great Lunch

I love food, most days even when I work from home I don’t have time for a long lunch. On the days when I carve out time for lunch I love home made chicken kale salad with asian sessame seed dressing. I like baked chicken with rice and peas, this is my go to comfort food to make my day.

Talking with my Mom

My mom has the best stories, she has a treasure trove of wisdom that I can’t seem to get enough of. I admire her at 87 years old using her smart phone and tablet like a pro to play scabble and read news. She is warm, funny, generous and honest, talking to her makes my day all the time.

A Book or TV Show

I am always reading however when I find a book that I cant put down that is the ultimate. I think about the possible endings make my own storyline and read it late into the night to finish it. British or Australian TV shows are a passion of mine. My Britbox subscription is money well spent. When I find a series that keeps me glued to the screen, that certainly makes for a really great day. Shows such as 800 Words, Redemption and Line of Duty are some of my favourites.

Whenever my day includes all or a combination of these things I have a really great day. Talking to my family ranks in there as well. I do that pretty much everyday and is special in its own way. Think about what makes your day great, incorporate one or two things everyday. You will surprised at the difference it makes with your mental health. Walk good.

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