Summer Weekends on a Budget


Even with booked summer vacation, you need to have plans to enjoy the wonderful weather on the weekend. If vacations are not in your budget this blog will help you with exciting things to do on the weekends. Time goes really fast despite longer days, before you know it summer is over and you spent most of it in front of a device or the TV.

If you have kids , end of school means long hot days to keep children engaged and on off devices for a few hours a day. Many families have to work in the summer, entertaining children can be expensive if you are on a budget. Here are a few things you can do that are low budget to keep kids and adults pretty busy during the dog days of summer.

Make every weekend a mini vacation

I know this sounds like an expensive activity, however with a little bit of planning you can execute your mini vacations like a pro. First check your area for local activites on the weekend. There are food festivals, community events and parks with free activities for residents to enjoy. It is a good idea to have minimum budget for weekends. Some events may have fees, ensure the costs fit in your budget before you go. Plan a variety of free and paid events to balance your spending.

Typical mini weekend vacation

  • Friday

Start your mini vacation on Friday evening with a picnic in the park, bring a frisbee, soccer ball or other outdoor games to play. Take lots of water and cold drinks to keep hydrated in the park, don’t forget the sunscreen to protect yourself. Blankets and a book are good if you want to skip the activity and just relax and catch up on your summer reading.

  • Saturday

You need to plan ahead to find an activity that will interest your family. If you are in Ontario visit , are really good guides for adventure ideas. In my area I love to visit Rattlesnake Park, it is great for picnics, hikes and cooking is allowed in the park. Bike rides are great to explore the neighbourhood, plan for a longer ride to make it fun. Stop to take pictures, explore the summer flowers along the way. Fun fact if you have an iPhone, there is a plant look up feature to identify the names of the plant in your photo. Simply take the photo, reveiw the photo and click on the “i” icon to use the look up plant feature. Don’t forget to take a back pack with water and snacks.

  • Sunday

You can keep this day low key if you have to work on Monday. Go for ice cream at a local shop, have a movie marathon at home with popcorn and sodas or visit the community recreation centre pool for a few hours. Leave a few hours in the evening to unwind and make plans for the next weekend.

Plan a weekend Camping Trip

If you already have camping gear this is a good option for weekends. If you dont have camping gear set up a movie in your backyard and invite the neighbours over. Choose a couple movies that both adult and kids will enjoy. Serve store bought snacks so preparation and clean up is quick and easy. If portable fire pits are permitted in your area make smores for the kids, it will feel almost like a camping trip!

Fruit or Vegetable Farm

It is the season for fruits and vegetables of all kinds, find one in your area and plan a visit. There may be a fee for each basket of fruit or vegetable picked, check the prices before you go. When you get home make it a family affair to clean the food and select a recipe to create. Pies, jams, cakes or salads are great to make, they taste especially yummy with fresh fruits and vegetable grown by local farmers. Even better to support local economy and reduce carbon foot print.

Outdoor Games Evening

Pick an outdoor game, find a field or court, grab some friends and make it an event. Soccer, football, tennis, badmington and volley ball can be enjoyed in the park or at the recreation centre. After an evening of exercise go to the local coffee shop for iced coffees, lemonades or soft serve ice cream. Summer drink days offer reduced price drinks, sign up for the restaurant apps to get coupons to further reduce the costs.

There are so many ways to make the best of summer, use your backyard, balcony, parks, lakes, beaches. Whatever you have in your area is good enough to make summer special for everyone. Walk good.

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