Finally the Ice Cream Shop!


In a previous post, I wrote about going on an adventure to find an ice cream shop that my husband and I visited when the kids were young. Well… we set out on a drive, followed familiar roads and found the shop – The Flavour Fox!

This summer my husband and I decided to spend more time discovering our neighbourhood. We planned to visit the top five beaches in Ontario and while we did not quite get to all of them we had great fun along the way. The temperature in Toronto this summer was very warm some days, perfect for beaches and ice cream.

First, let me start with the ice cream shop, it is located on the waterfront in Bronte, Oakville. A picturesque drive along roads with mature trees and unique houses takes you to the lake in Bronte. This is an older part of the city with individual boutiques and restaurants that are very busy in the evenings and weekends. Locals like to stroll along the street meeting friends and enjoying outdoor patios when the weather is nice.

We found parking on the street a few metres away from the Main Street; which is great because I enjoyed the walk past the stores most of which were closed for the evening. The ice cream shop was full but the service was quick, we chose mango, pistachio and rum and raisin for our flavours. Yum…it was creamy and delicious just as we remembered.

Just like old times we crossed the street and strolled along the sidewalk towards the lake. Each year there is usually a display along the sidewalk sponsored by a business or corporation. The last time we visited there was a piano where you could sit and play a quick tune. This year the theme was Muskoka chairs. Chairs of many different colours and themes were dotted along the walk to the lake with different designs from various sponsors. I really loved the idea; you can sit and relax or walk along and admire the artistic talents of the designers. Here are a few of my favourites.

The boardwalk was busy with baby strollers, cyclists, joggers and folks out for an evening walk. We saw boats on the lake, ducks, seagulls flying by and yes the swans returned this summer.

I could not resist taking pictures to remind me that nature is wonderful, the world around us is amazing, teaming with wonder and beauty. I stopped to soak in the beauty and inhaled the scents of the lake and blooming flowers nearby. We all have busy lives, some days are more challenging than others,  but it is in these moments that we can relax, de-stress, meditate and be thankful for what we have. Walk Good.

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