How do you Celebrate 26th Anniversary

In my book any anniversary is cause for celebration, I think milestones should be a time to reflect give thanks and be happy. My 26th anniversary was yesterday, with so much happening I almost forgot about it until a few days before. I knew we could not have a big celebration as we try to do something memorable in 5 year increments. We visited Quebec City last year and had a wonderful time for our 25th, however I did not want the day to go by without doing anything.

I thought about things to do but our city is just coming out of phase 1 lock down and many places are still closed. I wanted to commemorate the day with my husband even with just a home baked cake and a thoughtful gift. I searched on Google for gifts for 26th anniversary; most sites had nothing… wow are they saying when you get to 26 years no need to do anything you’ve got it all figured out!

The Collage

There is a site suggesting giving pictures, perfect, nothing expensive and I can make it myself. I got creative and dug into Google photos to create a collage of some of our recent fond memories. What a lovely trip down memory lane. I found pictures of us at a Raptor’s game, trips with the kids and so much more. I had to narrow down to 9 as that was all that the site allowed for the collage. I settled on a few good ones. Collage complete, I enlisted by son to print on photo paper on the home printer. He was of no help, considering he is a film and broadcasting major in college. He said “mom the printer doesn’t work I don’t know what to do”. I was running out of time.

The next day I asked my daughter to try to use the printer at my husbands business as a last resort, she had to ensure he did not see the picture. Whew … she got it done one surprise down one to go. On Wednesday evening I baked his favourite cake – Jamaican fruit cake using ingredients I had at home. Thank goodness I have fruits soaking in wine and rum left over from last Christmas… always prepared. With all the running around I realized that preparing for our anniversary was fun.. I liked preparing the surprises. For so long my thoughts have been around work, keeping my family safe and not on enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Homemade anniversary cake

The cake was harder to keep as a surprise, the smell is distinctive but I opened a window to let in fresh air and distracted Steve when he asked what I was baking. There was a sweet potato baking in the oven that I showed to throw him off the scent. I don’t think he bought it but I kept a straight face, God forgive me for this one! I am still working from home so I was fortunate to have time to whip up icing and roll out fondant during my lunch break to decorate the cake.

It was all worth it, he loved the framed collage, the cake and all the effort I put into making this anniversary special. He made reservations at an outdoor patio called Chops, it was their first day reopening during phase 2. While I was apprehensive about dining out, this was his surprise for me and I could not disappoint him. I must tell you it was the first time in 15 weeks I was putting on make up… I almost forgot how to use liquid eyeliner! Nothing beats dressing up and going on a date with your partner of 26 years, the fact that we still enjoy each others company is worth celebrating. So my friends that is how I celebrated 26 years of wedding bliss this year. I have so much to be thankful for, I hope you keep safe and well. Walk good.

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