The Sunday Dinner – A Forgotten Ritual

When I was young I remember many Sunday dinners, my mom took time to make a special meal that the family would eat after church. Not that it was an elaborate three course meal, however there was always something on the menu that you would not get during the week. My Sunday dinners in Jamaica consisted of rice and peas made with fresh coconut milk, baked or fried chicken with gravy and vegetables which was primarily cole slaw made from cabbage and carrots. I looked forward to these dinners, the smell would permeate the house and there was anticipation to enjoy the meal around the table.

Sunday dinners gave us time to catch up, the TV was turned off and many lively conversations took place around the dining table. I carried on the traditional Sunday dinners when I migrated to Canada. Now that my family is grown I dont spend much time making Sunday dinners anymore. In the past I would plan the menu on Saturday, I tried to have a variety of dishes and it was also a time to try something new. I had more time on the weekend, there was always something baking for dessert and meat seasoned and left to soak in the fridge for a delicous roast or stew. My go to menu was rice and peas, baked potatoes done in a variety of styles, baked chicken or a roast baked with root vegetables.

My Sunday dinners are now sheet pan meals that are easy to cook and require as little time as possible in the kitchen. The meals are still delicious but I dont spend 2 hours cooking as I did in the past. We try to eat at the dinner table but I find my husband and I taking our meals in front of the TV. I wonder how many families have given up on Sunday dinners!

It is time comsuming to prepare a full meal on your days off. Most families just dont have the time to spend cooking a big meal. I hope, that in the fast pace of life that Sunday dinners are not totally forgtten. We need to make time for what really matters, eating with family is a time honoured tradition that is worth the effort. My goal is to have one meal a month with my family where we eat, drink and fellowship with each other so this tradition is maintained. Walk good.

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  1. Marlene Malcolm-Jackson says:

    The Sunday dinner memories are wonderful and I will take your suggestions for at least one Sunday per month. Thank you.


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